Are Sophisticated Investors Harming Fintech Lending Platforms?

Recent times have observed commercial entrenchment of the online lending platforms within erstwhile secure positions of the banking institution by strategizing the networking initiatives with investors who are willing to back them so. A major problem persists for the peer-peer networks, commonly known as online lending platforms, and it being the manipulation of the scenarios by […]

The Sinking Hospitality Industry

With international borders sealed, suspension of movement across the country and the declaration of the nationwide lockdown, the hospitality industry witnesses an unprecedented truncated phase in history. Adding to the persisting nemesis comes panic and dread for travel amongst people. The hospitality industry feels the heat as travel becomes a long-forgotten phenomenon in this Covid world. The occupancy […]

Financial literacy a must for the right decision-making

Indian financial markets have turned increasingly complex for the common man, and a necessity has arisen to increase financial literacy to enable people to make informed decisions. Financial literacy consists of knowledge of financial concepts such as spending, saving, borrowing, investing, etc., and using it to manage personal resources efficiently. Individuals faced with having to […]

Legal Aspects of Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Commercial Realty

Increasing unemployment levels, stock market crashes, and supply chain disruptions are only some of the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many more underlying repercussions shall unfold over time. With most Indian businesses adversely affected owing to the nation-wide lockdown implemented by the Central Government to curb the spread of the virus, the Commercial Real Estate Sector (CRE) […]

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