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Lapse of Stay Orders and Judicial Delays: A Constitutional Conundrum

The constitutional predicament of the Supreme Court’s direction in the case of Asian Resurfacing of Road Agency v. Central Bureau of Investigation (“Asian Resurfacing”) assumes significance because of the controversial dictum regarding stay orders. The direction in its essence is that any order that stays civil or criminal proceedings will now lapse every six months, […]

Loan Recast and Restructuring Schemes for the Hospitality, Aviation, Travel and Tourism Nexus

The enormity of destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic appears minimal in comparison to the havoc wreaked by events like 9/11 and the ‘Great recession of 2008’. The COVID-led lockdown has disrupted supply chains, shut shop for many businesses and led to mass unemployment. To further aggravate matters, flight cancellations, vacant hotel rooms, and deserted […]

EMI Moratorium: Analysing borrower’s creditworthiness amidst the pandemic

Financial institutions are focused on risk now, more than ever before. The virus-induced lockdown has raised “Liquidity” and Non-Performing Assets (“NPA”) issues popularizing these buzzwords in financial circles and beyond. Anticipating a domino effect on loan defaults amongst small to medium-sized businesses, the Finance Ministry in conjoined efforts with Regulators and the Reserve Bank of […]

Covid-19: Why Are Organisations Terrified about Reviving the Work Environment

The effect of COVID-19 flare-up depends on the cataclysm’s gravity, degree, and distribution, which remains unknown even today. The mass transition to WFH has numerous advantages and offers a path to being relevant during such quick-changing dynamics and as a shield from the contagion.  During the lockdown, the IT industry transitioned to the WFH model […]

Special Purpose Vehicles –A Modality For Development With Inherent Risks

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) a catchphrase during the financial crisis of 2008 has assumed center stage as companies and financial institutions scramble for monies in a contracted economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests that SPVs have served the development community and beneficiaries well from a historical standpoint. The […]

Repayment Of AGR Dues: A Ticking Bomb

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance that telecommunications infrastructure plays in keeping businesses, societies and governments, connected and functional. However, telecom companies have been laden in debt in recent years, and their network resiliency has been tested despite challenges posed by the current pandemic, propelling them further into the dark hole of debt. Amongst […]

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