Category: Corporate Law

An Analysis Of Anti-Competitive Agreements & Heavy Discounting By Ecommerce Players

In 2017, Reliance’s Jio gifted a country of 1.3 Bn people free voice calls and high-speed internet at rock-bottom prices.  Consequently, it generated a gargantuan shift in the consumer base making it India’s largest mobile network operator with over 350 Mn subscribers today. Naturally, this revolutionary step attracted complaints from major telecom players like Bharti […]

Policy | SEBI’s Innovation Sandbox offers a right balance between innovation and regulation

British writer Arthur C Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Since the advent of technology, human life has undergone considerable changes that may be perceived as nothing short of magic. We saw a transition from barter system to a cash-dependent economy where citizens have further moved online for gold, savings, […]

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