Author: Sonam Chandwani

How to deal with commercial and construction disputes due to COVID-19

Commercial disputes will be inevitable in the post-COVID-19 world. Sonam Chandwani, Managing Partner at KS Legal & Associates and head of its Corporate Litigation Practice, specialises in commercial structures, litigation and mergers & acquisitions. She details the best way to resolve any commercial disputes in the ‘new normal’: One of the unintended consequences of the stringent […]

Competition or Unlawful Contractual Interference: The Line Continues to Remain Blurred

The formalization and maturation of the nation’s business ecosystem have led to a competitive environment ripe for conflict. With growing competition between multinational companies, the tendency of organizations to indulge in anti-competitive practices amounting to Tortious Interference has increased manifold. Thus, the judiciary is swamped with causes of action for interference with contract or business […]

Fintech In India: An Analysis Of Current Legislation And What Lies Ahead?

Most would agree that since the advent of technology, human life has undergone considerable changes that may be perceived as nothing short of magic. We started with the barter system but recently we have transitioned from a cash-dependant country to a country where citizens have moved online for gold, savings, gift cards, loans, investments, etc. This change […]

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