Author: Sonam Chandwani

Unlock 2.0: Maharashtra Allows Opening Of Hotels

The fresh guidelines issued by the state government allows hospitality entities like hotels and lodges to provide accommodation services, outside containment zones to reopen, unless being used as a quarantine center. The permission for reopening is highly conditional and ought to be done adhering to social distancing norms vigorously. Notably, public utility services like gymnasiums, […]

Covid Health Insurance Cover: To buy or not to buy

As India continues fairly in the race of increasing Covid-19 cases, globally, the IRDAI directive to mandatorily offer a standard health insurance policy for all policy holders, is much required. Provision for covering all hospitalisation expenses along with consumables like PPE, gloves, mask and other similar utilities, shall provide immense relief to consumers expending for […]

RBI’s liquidity move for NBFCs, HFCs is a quick fix for a long-term problem

Non-banking finance companies (NBFC) constitute around 9% of total assets of the Indian financial sector. So, insulating them from potential bankruptcy has become imperative for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ensure financial stability. And last week, the RBI unveiled a scheme aimed at improving the liquidity condition of NBFCs. The RBI announced that […]

Real Estate Sector Sees Long Term Initiatives, But Quick Fixes To Boost

The government-enforced lockdown has brought all economic activities to a jerking halt. The performance of the segment was muted owing to the prevailing liquidity crisis and subdued demands. The creation of the Rs 25, 000 crore fund and interest cuts did propel the industry towards recovery, to which beans were spilled by the pandemic.  The structural […]

Can tenants stop paying rent due to the Covid-19 situation?

We are seeing a phenomenal circumstance, which not just has upset all our financial and hierarchical standards hereto, yet additionally has profoundly influenced our connections – both relational and social. In practically all the large urban communities where there is generally more convergence of vagrant workforce, stewing anxiety and discontent is unmistakable regarding the issue […]

COVID-19: Are government measures sufficient for the real estate sector?

The Coronavirus crisis has jolted the very fabric of the Indian economy, once poised to be the world’s second-largest one. The resultant slowdown in the real estate sector, being the second largest job provider, is mercilessly affecting the fragile construction workers at the bottom rung. With the Coronavirus in the background, let us analyze the rehabilitative […]

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